Natural Resources Advisory

Natural Resources Advisory:

natural resources

A country’s growth largely depends on the natural resources it has and the energy that can be produced out of it. Our practice ranges from consulting with clients in energy-specific decision making, assisting clients in obtaining all necessary legal clearances, and advising them on making investments that would give them the most profitable returns. Our services include valuations of the projects, arranging technical and/or financial strategic partnership or joint ventures to our clients.

We also provide transactions advisory in acquisition of mineral reserves in and outside India. Since this industry is very tightly government-regulated, we also ensure that energy companies have their voices heard before the relevant authorities so that the client’s interests are protected when such projects are taken up, and more importantly, the country at large remains energy secure. Since each aspect of energy consulting possesses its own unique and different challenges, we ensure that we do enough research and spade work on the issues involved before giving advice to clients or taking any actions.

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