Govt. Relations, Comm. & Public Affairs

Government Relations, Communications and Public Affairs:

goverment relation

Advantage India places itself at a unique position for clients to interact and communicate with the Government and its agencies. We work in bridging the gap between clients and the Government, thereby providing our clients easier access to Government resources and making sure that our clients’ voices are well represented in various Government decisions. We provide government relations advisory services and other ancillary services to clients in sectors ranging from media, education, natural resources, infrastructure etc.

Further, in order that Indian democracy functions efficiently, the voters need to be well informed about their candidates and what they stand for. Advantage Idea also provides Public Relations services to political parties and individual politicians, and helps them strategize their political campaigns. Our deep understanding of the rapidly changing political climate is of immense value to our clients, who need to be well informed of all the stakes involved, before making any political decisions.

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