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Advantage Idea Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized consultancy, government and public relations firm with a deep understanding of the business needs of our clients. Everyday, decisions are made by lawmakers, which have their impact on clients’ business. These decisions are made based how much information is available to the decision makers. At Advantage Idea, we realize that only when clients are well represented at various fora, will their businesses will be protected. We strive to create an environment wherein we ensure that our clients always get the right audience, no matter what challenges lie before them.

Advantage Idea has the combined experience and wisdom of professionals with extensive backgrounds in law, public policy, management,public relations etc. and possessing invaluable knowledge in sectors as diverse as energy, engineering, media and education.

What makes Advantage Idea unique is the eagerness, flexibility, empathy and openness that is shared with our clients. We believe that in today’s rapidly changing political and business environment, clients require quick decision making and a strong support system. Our business model assures clients that their business interests will be protected regardless of the underpinning political or economic climate.

We eagerly look forward to protecting and promoting your business interest.

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